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But it's also more than that, it's an opportunity to make people feel beautiful. 

We started giving back to brides through our Bridal Services and that felt really good. We've met amazing women who want to feel their best on their wedding day. Some brides come to us with real skin concerns, some brides come to us needing to relax and recharge from wedding planning, and some brides come to us looking for direction on how to pamper themselves before their big day. 

All of these women are in need of some celebration and pampering. 

It got us thinking, who else deserves to feel celebrated and pampered? This world is full of noise right now and instead of pointing fingers or contributing to it - how can we give back? 

We are launching our Give Back program. We are celebrating and pampering the people who devote their lives to making our world better. They educate and nurture our children, they take care of our loved ones, and they encourage healing in our lives. 

They are the light seekers, the light shiners, and the warriors who make our world a better place.

Here's what we know for sure: Regardless of what we chose to do in life, we all need some nurturing once in a while. We are giving back to the ones who give to us every day. 

Each month we will highlight a group of people who deserve some celebrating and pampering. We hope to be a stop along the way to give you the nectar to keep flying. We need you. 

Sweet Nectar Shop Give Back Program This Month We Celebrate   

Healthcare Hero's 
Thank you to everyone in healthcare that has devoted so much to keep us safe during these challenging times. A hero is someone who rushes in when everyone else rushes out - that's you! And we want to thank you.
This month is all about healthcare workers! You sacrifice so much and you deserve to feel pampered and be celebrated. 


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